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Coaching Essentials (English)

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The modern workplace requires organisations, teams and individuals that are flexible and able to learn on the job. This is why coaching - ‘the guidance of learning by individuals, groups and organisations, so as to increase their on the job effectiveness’- is fast becoming the primary practice for learning and development in organisations.

Coach Boulevard as a leading training institute in the Netherlands offers training programs on Team coaching, Individual coaching, Agile and Lean Teamcoaching, Executive Coaching and Coaching for Leaders and has a strong own philosophy*.

In 'coaching essentials'  training Coach Boulevard shares powerful tooling and insights that you can apply to any situation where human development is needed. On individual, teams and organisational level. No matter what role you have, you will learn how you can serve others in their personal and professional development. 

In case you become interested in becoming a professional, accredited coach this training is a perfect stepping stone. 

Our coaching and teaching methods are:

  • System Oriented – A person’s or team’s learning objectives should be understood in their professional context.  
  • Progress Focused – Based on the growth mindset theory, self-determination theory and solution focused theory.
  • Based on the theory around 'The Five Critical Succes Factors of Coaching'. This theory is developed in over 40 years of practice as well as a comprehensive study of scientific theory by Coach Boulevard's Marijke Lingsma. These 5 factors – Context, Yardstick, Ownership, Iceberg and Here and Now – form the core of all our programmes and help coaches of all levels enhance their effectiveness as coach.

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